A Leader In Design

The Artpole 3D Gypsum wall panels are monolithic, seamless compositions which brings beauty and elegance to any interior. Artpole panels are backside-optimizes (dynamically carved) to reduce their weight and make installation & transport easier. The special technology behind Artpole’s panels production allow for a greater density of material, which provides the porcelain effect and removes all air bubbles on the inside.


Artpole’s collection distinguishes itself on the market for the presence of double design panels, which compositions are formed by the repitition of 2 (or more) different panels or tiles. These selected ranges create a more complex and rich design than standard panels. Selected Artpole ranges also include a special LED integrated panel which can make your wall even more dynamic and unique.

Gypsum at its core

Gypsum is a soft white or grey mineral consisting of hydrated calcium sulphate used to make plaster. You can paint the Gypsum panels any colour or finish you like, as you would a plaster wall.